We are committed to making sure you spend all of your energy on your marriage and NONE of it on stressing out about navigating the logistics of the Defying Gravity Revolution.

If you’ve got questions, send them to and we’ll take care of you.

To earn Queen Bee status, you’ll need to earn five Bee stripes. Fill out one Queen Bee flight plan to earn each stripe.

There are many ways to earn your Bee Stripes. You can:

  • be coached on an RSVP call
  • be coached on a Raise your Hand call
  • serve as volunteer if a body-based healer calls for one
  • write in for coaching on the “monthly-coaching-request” Slack channel
  • submit your model on the “model-practice-and-feedback” Slack channel
  • share your goal on the “doing-the-impossible” Slack channel
  • celebrate your win on the “sweet-as-honey” Slack channel
  • listen to or read someone else’s coaching and record how THEIR coaching helped you gain insight into YOUR life

Queen Bee status remains in effect for six months and is easily renewed by earning 5 more stripes before your six month Queen Bee term is up.

No problem. We can absolutely honor that request. Go ahead and leave your camera off and change your Zoom name to “Bee” or “Anonymous”. If you sign up for an RSVP call, please just let Brittanie know of your preference and she’ll make sure Candice is up to speed.

Yes. Any Bee can attend an RSVP call. If you are looking to be a client during the RSVP call, you’ll need to RSVP before the call by sending Brittanie a direct message on Slack.

It’s true! Candice has earned the following degrees and certifications:

  • Advanced Certification in Feminist coaching with Kara Lowentheil
  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate – The Embody Lab
  • Advanced Certification in Deep Dive coaching with Bev Aron
  • Advanced Certification in Faith-Based coaching with Jody Moore
  • Master Certified Life Coach – The Life Coach School
  • Certified Life Coach – The Life Coach School
  • Marriage and Family Therapy coursework and supervision – Argosy University
  • Master of Science, Psychology with School Counseling emphasis – Utah State University
  • Bachelor of Science, Developmental Psyc/Abnormal Psyc – Westminster College

Candice opted to move from therapy to coaching because she believes in the innate healing power of individuals and prefers to work outside the disease model framework characteristic of the therapy world.

Body-based healing modalities include wisdom from the body to enhance the progress we are making with our minds. The most common forms we’ll access in the Defying Gravity Revolution are:

  • somatic healing
  • sound baths
  • energy healing
  • breath work
  • tapping/EFT

Reintegrating body and brain processes helps us reconnect with our whole selves which makes us even better equipped to create the marriage of our dreams.